Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

While we were wandering around Lima, we came across Kennedy Park, a pretty green area nestled in the district of Miraflores. This is now my favourite park in the world – not because of the abundance of green grass for people to relax on in the sunshine and not even because of the people that gather to dance to the Peruvian music – but because of the cats. The park is home to an array of cats who roam around, finding shelter amongst the flowers, climbing the trees to hide from lively children, and trying to pinch some food from people having picnics.


I don’t know how the cats got there or how long they’ve been there for but several people made it their job to care for these stray cats. They come to the park every day with bags of food for the cats; they care for them and get them vaccinated to make sure they are well and healthy. They did not seem like stray cats at all but well cared for pets.


I watched this man putting food out for the cats, keeping the public away so that they could eat in peace. While this is only a split second glimpse of him looking after the cats, these people obviously dedicate a lot of time to the lovely furry animals that make Kennedy Park such a lovely place.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

  1. Taylor Hearts Travel says:

    I love this park too! I’m sure you can imagine how many hours we spent watching the dancing and cats…! Luckily, our hotel was only a ten minute walk away. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip, lovely. X

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