Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

On our three week trip in South America, we had planned on visiting three countries – Peru, Argentina and Brazil.  When we arrived at our brief one night stopover on the Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls, little did we know that we could actually step foot in a fourth country.

Puerto Iguazu, the little town that is home to the Falls, is nestled in the corner of Argentina where Brazil and Paraguay meet.  Not much marks the spot where the three join, apart from a small brick structure, but of course we had to make a stop there, where we could view all three countries across the river.

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South America Here We Come

I cannot contain my excitement about the fact that today, after months of thinking about it and looking into it, I have finally booked a trip to South America!  I have never stepped foot on this continent and now I get the thrill of visiting 3 of its countries – Peru, Argentina and Brazil.  And the fact that I was at work when I booked this did not stop me from jumping up and down with excitement (although I may have run to the privacy of the toilets a few times before doing this away from the curious glances of my colleagues!).

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