Dancing in Lima Peru

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

If you read my previous post about this park in Peru’s capital city of Lima, you’ll already understand why it very quickly became my favourite park in the entire world.

But there’s also another reason why Kennedy Park is simply like no other.  A whole load of people, of all ages, sex and ethnicity, converge in one part of the park for a massive dance.

We heard the rhythmic music from the other side of the park and when we wandered over to see what all the commotion was about, we were stunned and thrilled all at once by what we saw.  The atmosphere was so joyful with people in the centre having a boogie, older couples dancing round slowly together while some of the younger people were busting out some great moves.  There was even a few older people, with walking sticks in hand, jiggling their hips as much as their old age would allow them.

The audience, seated around the small circular stage, bobbed their heads in time with the music, laughing uproariously at some of the more entertaining dancers.

I was so tempted to get down there and have a dance myself but grumpy Alex wouldn’t join me.  I’m sure one of the old Peruvian men (who had totally good dance moves by the way!) would have been my partner but we were perfectly happy just to sit and watch this wonderful piece of Peruvian life that we had stumbled on.

I have no idea whether this is a regular thing or just a one off special event but would love to find out more about this if anyone knows!

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