Sotto Sotto Bath review

Sotto Sotto, Bath: Restaurant Review

I don’t often write reviews on restaurants but, when I do, it’s because I’ve found somewhere too fabulous not to tell you about!

As we were celebrating our anniversary during our weekend trip to Bath, we decided to book a table at the Italian restaurant Sotto Sotto, as it seemed to be highly recommended as one of the best places to eat. While I may not have been to every restaurant in the city, I truly believe that it is THE best place to eat in Bath, as every single moment of our evening and every single mouthful of food was simply wonderful.

From the moment we walked down the stairs into the restaurant, we were greeted by lots of friendly smiles and hellos from the staff as we were led to our table. The restaurant is in the style of an underground cellar, with bare brick walls and an arched stone roof, the tables dotted with candles, giving it a very romantic feel and making it the perfect place to celebrate an anniversary or special occasion.

A congratulations note on our table from the staff at Sotto Sotto and a chat with the friendly manager made it all the more enjoyable. We were already so happy with the place and we hadn’t even picked up our menus yet!

We decided to go all out, ordering 3 courses each and a bottle of wine. I went for the homemade soup of the day to start – butternut squash and onion, which was sweet and creamy with just the right amount of onion and some extremely tasty bread on the side dribbled with garlic. Alex went for the king prawns on bruschetta which according to him was “bloody delicious”!

I’m a sucker for fresh and salty grilled swordfish so this followed for my main, with Alex going for the soft and flaky fillet of sea bass wrapped in parma ham. Some chunky fat homemade chips and roasted vegetables topped the meals off perfectly.

We tried a bite of each other’s food (obviously) and each dish was cooked to perfection. Everything came out with great presentation but this isn’t one of those places where the food looks good but doesn’t fill you up. The portions were plenty big enough!

Even though we were both too full for dessert, there was no way I was missing out on the oh so delicious sound of the Amaretto Disaronno dark chocolate mousse. It was indescribably amazing. Seriously, I wouldn’t even bother looking at the dessert menu – just get this! A melt-in-your-mouth chocolatey mousse with bursts of Disaronno – one of my favourite liqueurs – sprinkled with crumbly biscuit on top. Yes, it tasted just as heavenly as it sounds!

I managed to tempt Alex into a simple dessert of gelato so I didn’t look like a huge pig on my own! We tried a spoonful of each other’s again of course and even though I’m not usually a fan of ice cream, Alex’s bowl came filled with a delicious variety of sweet flavours including toffee, chocolate and coffee.

And to put even bigger smiles on our faces (like we needed them) the desserts came out with a happy anniversary message written in chocolate sauce across the plates! 🙂

I didn't want to ruin the Happy Anniversary message but Alex scooped it up straight away!

I didn’t want to ruin the Happy Anniversary message but Alex scooped it up straight away!

Considering we ate and drank as much as we could fit in our stomachs, the bill only ended up coming to around £70 which wasn’t bad at all for a 3 course meal for two in such a lovely setting. Before we left we were treated to a yummy shot of limoncello and some kind words from the manager when we were finished. Neither of us could have left happier if we’d tried!

Make sure you visit Sotto Sotto when in Bath but book well in advance as it’s a popular restaurant and gets booked up very quickly!

9 thoughts on “Sotto Sotto, Bath: Restaurant Review

  1. Shikha (whywasteannualleave) says:

    I’m the same with only writing restaurant reviews occasionally when something really impresses me or with somewhere really quirky – this sounds lovely though! After hearing about Bath, I really want to visit myself one day and will have to book this if I plan a trip there 🙂 Food looks delicious!

    • Ayla says:

      I think you’d completely love Bath Shikha – so much yummy cake, pampering and prettiness. Just the sort of place for us more grown up ladies 🙂

  2. wisemonkeysabroad says:

    Ooh yum!! Looks delicious and ambience looks fab too. Will have to add to our list to visit when we make it to England. It was on the cards for next year… But will have to see!
    And also HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! 🙂

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