Travelling with a baby

My New Favourite Little Travel Companion

I try really hard not to be one of those mums who posts way too many baby spam photos on Facebook and whose every other sentence is about their kid. I’m also trying really hard not to turn my previously non-baby related travel blog into a family travel blog – I have written one post since she was born that isn’t about her! But I seem to be failing all on counts because, let’s face it, when you have a baby they become your life. (And also I just cannot stop posting pics because she’s just too damn cute.)

Apart from the wonderful feeling of becoming a mama to my gorgeous girl, one of the things I’ve loved most about parenthood so far is that I’ve been able to combine my biggest passions in life…travel and Evie. So many people told us our travels would be over when we announced that I was pregnant and I told them hell to the no. And I am so glad we carried on booking trips and going away as much as we did pre-baby.

Travelling with a baby

We took Evie on her first trip to Paris when she was just nine weeks old. I’m not going to lie – I was nervous and Alex was stressed. What if she cries during the whole journey and we get death stares from the other passengers? What if we don’t pack enough nappies or forget a vital piece of baby equipment? What if she hates being away from home and we end up seeing none of the city that we came to visit?

Travelling with a baby

Turns out we needn’t have worried in the slightest. So far she has been the perfect little traveller and seems to love an adventure just as much as her mama! She is already so inquisitive and thrives on doing new things like splashing about in the pool and dipping her toes in the sand. She is great with new people and gives all the locals big cheeky smiles.

Travelling with a baby

She acts totally chilled in 40 degree heat that even us grown ups can’t cope with, and she happily goes along with whatever we’ve got planned each day.

Travelling with a baby

Just chilling in her hammock

Every time we go away she seems to learn a new skill and I honestly think that the travelling and exploring stimulates her so much more and teaches her things that she just wouldn’t learn at home.

Travelling with a baby

Learning to sit up in Gibraltar

She also seems to sleep a million times better than she does at home so clearly we should travel more!

Travelling with a baby

She was born into a very snap happy family and has pretty much had to put up with me standing over her, trying to make her smile while snapping away on the camera from day one. So now as soon as the camera comes out she’s smiling away and is already a brilliant little poser and model.

Travelling with a baby

She even has those girl explorers of Instagram poses already perfected. You know the ones? Facing the camera but with your head turned slightly to the side; looking out into the far distance across some stunning scenery; and the hand on the back of the hat pose. She’s a natural.

Travelling with a baby

Of course travel with a baby doesn’t always go completely smoothly.  We have to take things at a slower pace which means we don’t get to see and do as much as we usually would. We have to schedule in stops for feeds, nap time and nappy changes and let’s not mention the luxuriously plush bed sheets in Mallorca that she may have ruined!

Travelling with a baby

But the good surprises completely outweigh the bad surprises and I love this different style of travel and seeing everything with a new perspective.

Travelling with a baby

In the next couple of months we have two more trips planned – a cruise which will take Evie to two new countries (Portugal and Morocco) and a new continent (Africa) and a trip to the Christmas markets in Prague. I’m hoping she’ll enjoy the cold weather (please please snow!) as much as she does the sunshine!


By the time she is just nine months old she will have visited seven different countries across two continents and will be one very well travelled bubba.

Travelling with a baby

If you thought babies were boring think again. She keeps me entertained and makes me smile and laugh every single day. She is the best little travel companion I could ever have imagined and I am so excited to show her the rest of the world as she gets older. Move over Mr Ayla, you’ve got competition!

Travelling with a baby

Who is your favourite travel companion? Let me know in the comments below or at:

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26 thoughts on “My New Favourite Little Travel Companion

  1. Amy Mac says:

    She is SO beautiful and adorable and such a great travel companion! I’m due with my first baby in November and I hope she is as good as a travel partner as your little one 🙂

    • Mrs Ayla's Adventures says:

      Ahh so exciting! I’m sure you will have the perfect little adventurer too. Make sure you start her off young so she gets used to all the travel early on. Plus it’s so much easier when all they really do is eat and sleep!

  2. Polly (Follow Your Sunshine) says:

    Evie is already a little superstar travel blogger in the making – absolutely love the #ladiesthattravel poses she’s mastered and all of her cute travel outfits and hats! She’s very lucky to have a mummy like you who is showing her the world and broadening her horizons. Here’s to many more adventures to come!

  3. Polly Byles says:

    Apologies if I’ve already commented, but my computer froze as I was posting and now I can’t see my comment! She is adorable, and so lucky to have a mummy like you to show her the world! I vote for more Evie posts 🙂 xxx

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