Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Safaris are just one of the many things that Africa is known best for, and for good reason.  They are an amazing way to see the incredible wildlife up close in its natural environment, in a way that you just can’t at the zoo.  No matter how many safaris I went on in my 4 months travelling around Africa, I was always overawed every single time.

This photo of a male and female lion relaxing together was taken in Etosha National Park in Namibia.  Even though Etosha is not as well known as some of the other African national parks, it was one of our favourites as the animals were in abundance.

Although it looks like the lions are relaxed in their natural environment, sunning themselves without a care in the world, this photo is actually a cropped image and, when you zoom out to the original photo I took, you get a completely different perspective.  The pair is actually surrounded by safari vehicles and people on game drives and, even though they look relaxed, the male was on high alert the entire time we were there.  Whether he was protecting his woman from the humans or from other male lions I’m not sure!

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