Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

I was born in London and have lived here my whole life so am used to the modern world and new technology, and will always be a city girl at heart. But when I travel to other places, places that are a lot more traditional and cultural than the UK, I’m often surprised by the little modern inflections I spot here and there amongst the old-world buildings and traditional lifestyles.

I found this to be the case in Peru, where the capital of Lima was a lot more modern than I expected it to be, with it’s high-rise glass buildings and fancy shopping centres.

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Panoramic Peru

I’m not really a fan of using my iPhone to take photos and my camera comes pretty much everywhere with me. But we ended up using our phones a lot more than usual on this trip as silly old Alex broke our camera by dropping it the evening before we started the Inca Trail – one of the greatest hikes in the world. Yes, I was angry (slight understatement!), and no, he didn’t hear the end of it!

After hunting around the small city of Cusco for hours looking for a repair shop, it somehow magically fixed itself, only for silly old me to go and break it again by getting it wet during a storm in the Amazon Rainforest.  And yes, I was just as angry with myself as I had been with Alex!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

While we were wandering around Lima, we came across Kennedy Park, a pretty green area nestled in the district of Miraflores. This is now my favourite park in the world – not because of the abundance of green grass for people to relax on in the sunshine and not even because of the people that gather to dance to the Peruvian music – but because of the cats. The park is home to an array of cats who roam around, finding shelter amongst the flowers, climbing the trees to hide from lively children, and trying to pinch some food from people having picnics.

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South America Here We Come

I cannot contain my excitement about the fact that today, after months of thinking about it and looking into it, I have finally booked a trip to South America!  I have never stepped foot on this continent and now I get the thrill of visiting 3 of its countries – Peru, Argentina and Brazil.  And the fact that I was at work when I booked this did not stop me from jumping up and down with excitement (although I may have run to the privacy of the toilets a few times before doing this away from the curious glances of my colleagues!).

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