Essentials for travelling with a baby

Gift Ideas for Travelling Mamas and Babies

I won’t claim to be an expert but I’ve travelled with Evie a fair few times in her 8 months on earth so I like to think I’m at least a little bit of a pro when it comes to travelling with a baby. We’ve been on all sorts of adventures from train and plane rides to road trips and cruises and now we sail through customs (mostly) stress free!

With Christmas coming up I thought it was a good time to share some things I’ve found super useful when travelling. I’ve included a whole different range of ideas from the essentials and the practicals to some that are just plain cute and simply needed.

Babyzen Yoyo

My absolute number one travelling essential is the Babyzen Yoyo pram which is ideal from birth as the newborn part lays completely flat, and then it converts into a stroller when they get bigger, so it’s a pram that will last for several years. It’s tiny, lightweight, has small wheels to dart in and out of busy roads but that are tough enough to withstand bumpy cobblestone streets. It easily folds up to cabin bag size with a strap so you can carry it on your shoulder like a bag and it pops back open one handed while you’re holding the bubba in the other! This thing is seriously amazing and if you travel often with a baby then you need this in your life.

Essentials for travelling with a baby

PS. Although I was sent several items mentioned in this post for free, I am not on any sort of commission from Babyzen. I just really really love this pram!

Mama Rules Muslin

The first time I took Evie abroad I was a little nervous about breastfeeding, not knowing how people would react in a different country. I’ve never actually had a problem breastfeeding her anywhere whether that’s in a park, a restaurant or on a bench in public but I did feel a little exposed at the thought of feeding her on the beach or by the pool when I already had enough of my body on show in a bikini! Which is why I absolutely love my gorgeous summery muslin from Mama Rules. It’s huge so it completely covers both me and Evie when she’s feeding, it’s lightweight and cool to cover her in when she’s sleeping in the hot weather and it can even be used as a beach blanket or a sarong for me. This now goes with me on every single beach holiday as it’s just perfect – something practical for Evie and something stylish for me.

You can find the lovely range of giant muslins here!

Essentials for travelling with a baby


We’ve used the Sleepyhead both at home for day naps and when abroad as Evie’s travel cot. It’s much more lightweight to carry than other big bulky travel cots and it easily fits in a big bed with us when there isn’t room for a proper cot, like in airbnbs or tiny hotel rooms.

Essentials for travelling with a baby

Inflatable bath

When we were planning for our cruise, the wonderful Wandermust Family gave me some great tips for cruising with a baby and one of the best was to take an inflatable bath as cabins on boats are tiny and only have showers. So I went onto Amazon and bought the first pink inflatable baby bath I could find! It has come in so handy and not just on the cruise. We’ve also used it in normal hotels and airbnbs where there hasn’t been a bath and Evie loves having her own little tub to splash around in. Especially when we put it out on the balcony with a view. Those are some proper bath goals right there.

Essentials for travelling with a baby

Vita Coco coconut oil

This stuff can literally be used for anything. I’ve found it works better on nappy rash than the official nappy rash creams, it soothes dry skin and it’s 100% natural. I always carry a little travel sized jar with me as this stuff is priceless. Plus it smells divine.

A baby carrier/sling

I love baby wearing and these things come in so handy for travels. Even if it’s only used at the airport when you’ve checked in your pram it’s still so worth it. Like at Gatwick airport when you’ve just arrived home off a flight at midnight along with everyone else in London and it takes an hour just to get through security, without a pram, with a sleeping baby. Carrier desperately needed. I have the Ergobaby which I love as it feels secure, keeps the baby in the correct position but is still comfy and can be used in different positions with them on your front or on your back when they’re a bit bigger.

Essentials for travelling with a baby

Animal World Map Print

I adore Evie’s nursery which has a splash of pink, a hint of girl power, some Disney magic and, of course, some travel themed goodies. My favourite of them all is the big animal world map print from Not on the Highstreet that hangs over her changing table, showing the shape of the world created with colourful animals and landmarks. Whenever I change her nappy in the morning she loves looking at the penguins in the Antarctic and I love pointing out the lions in Africa which I hope to show her in real life one day.

Essentials for travelling with a baby

Taylor Hearts Travel Mini Explorer Milestone Cards

One of my very favourite family travel bloggers has created the cutest set of milestone cards but these are even more special than the generic ones that everyone seems to have for their babie as these ones are travel related. You can show baby’s first city break, first dip in the sea and first time taking a train ride amongst others. They are the perfect accessory for a mini explorer!

You can find the milestone cards here!

Essentials for travelling with a baby

Foldable booster seat

I always keep this in the back of the car at home as it’s super handy when eating out in restaurants but it’s also brilliant for taking abroad too. The booster seat can be strapped to any chair so it’s great when you’re abroad staying in an apartment or when there are no highchairs in restaurants plus it folds down which makes it nice and easy to transport. It’s also way more hygienic to use your own tray rather than one in a restaurant that every other messy baby has used.

Essentials for travelling with a baby

Two Little Ladies bows

Okay so I know these aren’t really an essential item but everything else on this list is rather practical and we all need something pretty in our lives right?! Plus they’re so lovely that I couldn’t leave them out. We pretty much have one to match with all of Evie’s different outfits!

You can browse the gorgeous bows here!

Essentials for travelling with a baby

Do you have any other essentials to add to my list? What Christmas gifts have you got for the travelling mama or baby in your life? Let me know in the comments below or at:

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10 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Travelling Mamas and Babies

  1. Sharee @ Inspire Family Travel says:

    These are great ideas for anyone travelling (or even just to have at home) with a baby. I love the ease and convenience of them. I wish I had of known of the Sleepyhead when my kids were little. I only just discovered them recently and it’s a brilliant idea.

  2. Polly Byles says:

    I want everything on this list! We didn’t invest in the Yoyo in the end but opted for the Mamas & Papas version which I love just as much. Love the wall map and Char’s milestone cards so much! X

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