Afternoon tea with a twist at BRGR.CO

Afternoon Tea with a Twist at BRGR.CO

Afternoon tea is one of those quintessentially English things that everyone has to do at least once in their life. Or preferably once every few months if you become addicted to it, much like I have.

London is chock-a-block full of a huge variety of places serving afternoon tea.  From a fancy high tea, traditional afternoon tea or a more modern tea with a unique theme; whichever one it is, I love them all.  Savoury snacks, warm scones smothered with clotted cream, different flavours of tea from all over the world, and enough sweet nibbles to leave you well and truly satisfied.

Everyone loves afternoon tea.  Everyone that is, apart from my husband who seems to have some abnormal loathing for tea and scones. Who doesn’t like tea and scones?! (This may be cause for divorce 😉 )

But I was determined to find an afternoon tea he would enjoy which is why, as soon as I found that BRGR.CO did a version of the popular afternoon tea but with its own unique twist, we had to try it out straight away.

It was packed out with people when we arrived at the restaurant in Soho on a Sunday afternoon – there would have been no chance of us getting a table if we hadn’t booked in advance!  I had been expecting most people to be eating food from the normal main menu but the afternoon tea is obviously extremely popular as almost everyone seemed to be having it.

Within a couple of minutes of sitting down at the tightly squeezed in tables, we were given an iced tea and a fizzy Bellini each.  Neither of us were keen on the iced tea but the Bellini was fruity and sweet and made it feel like a bit more of a special occasion for our afternoon tea.

Our food arrived not long after and, although being served quickly is always a good thing, it was a bit too quick here as I didn’t even get a chance to tell anyone any dietary requirements.  The thrill of the food took over though as it looked simply brilliant with a mouth-watering selection of mini foods brought out on a chequered tray looking very Americanised and a far cry from the traditional English afternoon tea.

By now, Alex has got used to me taking a million and one photos before he’s allowed to even lift his fork, but clearly not everyone has got the memo that it’s completely normal to take photos of food, as I was getting strange looks from the table next to us. Alex started asking me questions along the lines of “Are you reviewing this for the blog?” and “Do you need photos of anything else for the blog?” loud enough for the table next to us to hear that I did, in fact, have a perfectly good reason to be taking so many photographs!

Obligatory photos of us and a mini fist pump from Alex.  Clearly he was excited about all the food!

The trio of mini burgers were yummy indeed – lobster and crayfish which was surprisingly good (I’m not a seafood fan but seeing as it was all cut up into small chunks and I didn’t have to pry open a whole lobster, I was able to eat it); chicken with mayo which was my favourite; and butcher’s cut beef with cheddar cheese which I quickly swapped with Alex as I don’t eat red meat. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy it though and the inside looked pink and fresh so I’m sure meat lovers would be happy. The mini portion of fries on the side finished off the savoury selection perfectly.

No matter how mini the foods were, I was stuffed after the 3 burgers and fries but of course I wasn’t going to let the desserts to go waste.

The mini vanilla milkshake didn’t last long at all and I could have easily drunk a whole big glass full.

The selection of desserts included a shot glass full of creamy white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry compote dribbled on top; a deliciously soft mini chocolate brownie; and a mini mince pie as it was the festive season (usually a mini sugary doughnut).

I was so stuffed by the time I’d got through it all that the thought of going ice skating afterwards filled me with dread!

For the male population who think afternoon tea is too girly with its pretty china and delicate features, or for those insane people who aren’t keen on the normal afternoon tea, and also for anyone like me who just likes to try everything, BRGR.CO’s burgerlicious afternoon tea is the way to go.

Have you had an afternoon tea with a twist?  I’d love to hear about it!

15 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea with a Twist at BRGR.CO

  1. Ed Rex says:

    Urgh. I shouldn’t have read this while I’m on a diet. I’m so hungry after seeing that trio of burgers and your descriptive (mouthwateringly) reviews of everything that came to the table didn’t help.

    What? Alex doesn’t like Tea?! He needs to try Yorkshire Tea. It’s the future!

    • Ayla says:

      I feel no sympathy for you at all I’m afraid. Diets are stupid and I would never have the will power to go on one. I love delicious food like this way too much!

  2. thegrownupgapyear says:

    Although I am in agreement with your confusion that anyone could *not* like traditional afternoon tea, this looks like a fun, quirky alternative. I also know what you mean about taking photos before anyone can start eating – Mr A gets so annoyed with me! Love Alex’s fist pump too 😉

    • Ayla says:

      I am now on the hunt for all non-traditional afternoon teas. Not just because Alex doesn’t like tea and scones – just so I can try them out too! Just tell him it’s for the blog and he’ll have to be quiet 😉

  3. Shikha (whywasteannualleave) says:

    I have to take Pumpkin to this!! 🙂 He also moans about afternoon tea (though was perfectly happy to accompany me when I won that afternoon tea competition!) I just assumed it would be a no-go for us because of beef but I forgot you’re in the same boat and I’m delighted to see these yummy sounding alternatives on the menu instead – this is definitely one to win the boys over to the concept of afternoon tea isn’t it?!

    • Ayla says:

      Yup, it’s a great one for the guys. It wasn’t as good as the traditional afternoon tea (because obviously nothing beats tea and scones) but Alex loved it so I would recommend it. I’m on the hunt for some more afternoon teas with a twist now!

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