Mister Lasagna review

A Lasagna Feast at Mister Lasagna, London

When your favourite cuisine in the whole world is Italian and a new restaurant opens up in London dedicated to everything that is lasagna, it only makes sense to try it out as soon as possible.  With 21 different types of lasagna on the menu (yes, you read that right – 21 different types of lasagna!), Mister Lasagna opened up in Soho just over a month ago and has already become so popular that they’re opening up a second restaurant soon.

A very casual but cosy restaurant, Mister Lasagna is the place to go for a quick, easy meal and, considering it’s in such a popular part of Central London, the prices are extremely affordable, but that doesn’t mean that they scrimp on the taste.  With a counter to select your dishes from at the front of the restaurant (cue lots of temptation as you drool at the food in front of you) and several quiet tables at the back, it’s a cosy little place for a tasty lunch or for a relaxed meal after work.

Mister Lasagna review

We browsed the set menu and also had a look at all the dishes of lasagne and calzone at the counter as there are some daily additions that aren’t on the menu.  There are the normal choices like the original bolognese lasagna or the slightly quirkier dishes – fish and chips lasagna anyone?  The meals come in three different portion options – half, regular or tris with a choice of sauces on top.  I’m sure you can guess that we went for the tris – three slices of different types of lasagna – as we didn’t want to pass up trying as many different flavours and taste combinations as we could.  Yes, it may be a slight cheese and carb fest but who doesn’t love a bit of Italian comfort food?

Mister Lasagna review

The staff were so friendly, offering their advice and recommendations, telling us what their favourite dishes were and bringing our hot meals to our table along with a chilled glass of wine and a bottle of beer.

Mister Lasagna review

Mr Ayla went for the chicken and chorizo with a cheesy besciamella sauce, the German sausage and potato, and his favourite, the Napoletana filled with meatballs, ricotta cheese and boiled egg, all smothered in a rich tomatoey bolognese sauce.

Mister Lasagna review

I decided to try the Napoletana as well as I liked the idea of a slight twist on the classic lasagna.  I also went for the spinach and feta cheese which was delicious but, although it may sound quite odd, the pumpkin and blue cheese was easily my favourite with a cheesy but delicately sweet flavour.

Mister Lasagna review

I was slightly disappointed they didn’t have the smoked salmon lasagna on the menu when we visited, as smoked salmon is just one of my (many) weaknesses when it comes to food, but this just means I have a totally valid excuse to go back to try some more.

If you really want to try the weirdest thing on the menu, they even serve up a Nutella lasagna but, woe is me, my stupid nut allergy meant that I wasn’t able to try this delicious looking feast with its melted chocolate oozing out from every layer.  But the oh so sweet cannoli wrapped around melt in your mouth white and dark chocolate won us over and I left wishing that we’d taken a whole plateful home with us.

Mister Lasagna review

Soho is already one of my favourite parts of London for a great foodie find with a huge variety of quirky and independent restaurants, and Mister Lasagna is a brilliant new addition.  With take away options available too, I may just have to pop in again as it is conveniently located on my way home from work.  Although now Mr Ayla has been to the restaurant with me, I unfortunately won’t be able to pass off the cooking as my own!

Have you visited Mister Lasagna yet?  What type of lasagna would you go for?  Let me know in the comments below or at:

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Thanks to Mister Lasagna for inviting us along for an Italian feast.  All opinions (and delicious mouthfuls) are my own!

16 thoughts on “A Lasagna Feast at Mister Lasagna, London

  1. Shikha (whywasteannualleave) says:

    I just think the concept of this place is genius – so simple yet I’ve never seen or heard of it anywhere else before!! I remember reading another blog post about it a while ago and actually being really tempted by the veggie options too. Pumpkin LOVES lasagna, must take him here 🙂

  2. Miriam @londonkitchendiaries says:

    A place that serves 21 different types of lasagna is just unreal! How amazing! I would definitely give the Nutella lasagna a try 🙂

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