Go Ape tree top adventure

Monkeying around at Go Ape!

As the name of this blog suggests, I love a fun adventure, so when we were invited to try out the Tree Top Adventure at Go Ape I jumped at the chance – quite literally when it came to the activity!

Our location was Wendover Woods, a lush green forest not far from Oxford where we were heading for a weekend getaway outside London.

We were hoping for one of those unexpectedly warm and sunny days we’re occasionally treated to in autumn but unfortunately for us we woke up to a foggy drizzly morning, the ground already wet from the rain that had clearly poured down through the night.

A little bit of rain never stopped us from having fun though and we eagerly headed out to the little Go Ape cabin for our morning adventure.

After getting harnessed up and going through a safety talk, we had a go at testing the equipment out while our feet were still firmly planted on the ground.  It did seem slightly confusing at first having to remember which colour attachments and ropes went where and I panicked a little when we found out we’d be going round the course by ourselves.

But there was always an instructor on the ground for support if it was needed, such as when I needed a shout of encouragement to jump off the swing, or when Alex got his wires so tangled up he pretty much tied himself to a tree!

Being the cocky guy he is Alex was of course picked out to do the first demonstration.  Not so cocky now he had a group of excitable children and adults all watching him, he took a while making sure he was attached correctly and then hesitantly wobbled along the first high-wire.  After a couple of goes using the equipment it’s super easy and he sailed along the first zip line with no problems.

Having done his marvellous demonstration before anyone else, this gave us the advantage of being the first ones on the course that morning, so we set off without the hassle of a group of kids or family to have to wait in line behind.

The course is filled with loads of different tree-top obstacles to get through from high-ropes, climbing walls, wobbly crossings and ladders, zip lines and Tarzan swings.

The zip lines were easily my favourite part; the first couple fairly short to ease us into it, while the very last one felt like it went on forever and screams could be heard from all over the forest!  This one was so long and we picked up so much speed that there was no chance we were ending up on our feet at the other end!  And here are the videos to prove it…don’t laugh! 😉

Yes, that is my lovely husband laughing in the background as I land flat on my bum!

Both of us feel sick at even the thought of doing a bungee jump so when it came to the Tarzan swing, this was the scariest bit for us.  Okay, so it’s not quite a bungee jump, but you do have to step off a high platform, attached by just a piece of rope, so it’s the same thing really.  Kind of.

After a few hesitant attempts, we stepped off the edge of the tree-top platform to a stomach-plummeting drop, before being swung across the forest floor into a huge spiderweb-like net, which we grabbed onto for dear life as soon as we hit it!

By the time we made it to the end of the course, we were both ridiculously muddy but also full of laughs and pumped up with adrenaline 😀

We had so much fun on our Go Ape adventure – while a few parts of the course seemed more like hard work than fun (my arms were pretty tired by the end of the morning!), the majority of it was full of adrenaline-packed awesomeness.  It’s the perfect outdoor activity to do with friends or family – just make sure you remember to wear shoes with a good grip and clothes you won’t mind getting muddy (RIP my poor white Converse).

I was a guest of Go Ape and Visit Oxford but all opinions are my own. However, I am a girl who’s very easily pleased so you won’t find much negativity from me here 🙂

7 thoughts on “Monkeying around at Go Ape!

  1. Emily Ray (@emilyraylondon) says:

    haha I LOVE it (especially your face in the zip-lining video!) My dad’s been badgering me about doing this with him for quite a while and I think this has just about convinced me to give it a go – the high wire bits look pretty do-able 😛 x

    • Ayla says:

      I debated whether or not to put that video on but every time I watch it I can’t help but laugh at my ridiculous face! It was a lot of fun but maybe wait until it’s a bit warmer to give it a go. Some parts are a bit scary but it’s totally worth it 🙂

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