Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

India is full of such diverse landscapes from huge bustling crowed cities, snowy mountains, the dusty orange deserts, rolling green hills and white sandy beaches. Every new place we explored seemed like it was in a whole other world to the place we’d just come from and I loved everywhere for each different sight it offered.

The Thar Desert was one of the highlights of our time travelling around this incredible country. Just outside the desert city of Jaisalmer, our home for the night was a gorgeous (if freezing) luxury tent.

In the evening we took a safari on camel back into the desert to watch the sunset over the sand dunes. As romantic as it sounds, the reality was that two people on the one camel made for a very squished ride, both of us grimacing with every step the camel took making our legs and bums sore, and holding on for dear life when the camel started to run. Taking photos, waving to the local children, taking in the sights around us, while bouncing up and down on top of a running camel with Mr Ayla screaming in my ear behind me, has to be one of the funniest memories from our travels!

We finally made it to the sand dunes (just about in one piece) in time to marvel at the sight of the bright orange sunset, camels climbing over the dunes in the distance; the sound of children singing songs around us and the texture of the soft sand beneath our feet. It’s a beautiful memory that I could never forget.


You can read more about our time in the desert here.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

  1. nitagulati says:

    Wow! Looks really beautiful 🙂 I haven’t been to the Thar desert yet. Hopefully next time! And that sounds like an insane and hilarious camel ride.. LOL!

    • Ayla says:

      It was the one part of Rajasthan that I really didn’t want to miss and I’m so glad we didn’t. You should definitely try and go next time Nita, it’s beautiful. Haha it does make me giggle at the memory!

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