Flavours of Morocco: Restaurant Review

I eat out far too much to write a review on every restaurant I go to, but somewhere I tried for the first time recently was just too good not to write about.

My friend and I wanted to try somewhere different from the usual places we eat out so we took a drive around locally to see what we could find.  We stumbled upon Flavours of Morocco, a little Moroccan restaurant a short 10 minutes away from my home; it’s twinkling lights and pretty Moroccan decor invited us in as well as a chance to try some proper Moroccan food for the first time.

The pretty inside of the restaurant

The restaurant is only tiny and we were the only ones in there as it was a quiet Tuesday night.  This meant we got a very personal service from the friendly waiter who reminded me of an Egyptian friend of mine so I liked him straight away!

There wasn’t a huge amount on the menu to choose from but each dish was traditionally Moroccan (not to mention delicious sounding) so I took ages deciding what to try as usual.  We went with a starter mezze to share and a beautifully presented plate of mixed dips, houmous, falafel, couscous salad and pita arrived at our table a short while later.

This was amazing!

I could eat pita and houmous all day long so if that wasn’t enough to fill us up, my main course of chicken tagine certainly did.  Arriving in the traditional Berber dish it had been cooked in, the chicken was absolute perfection swimming in a sauce of Moroccan spices and olives, along with a hefty bowl of steamed couscous.  The whole meal was absolutely scrumptious; I was so full but hated to waste a single mouthful so of course I stuffed myself silly 🙂

This was even more amazing!

Unfortunately, we were too full of yumminess to be able to manage dessert as well but when a plate of baklawa – syrupy sweet and nutty pastry desserts – was brought over to our table on the house, well, who are we to turn down free food?!

The meal only came to around £15 each; for lovely service and wonderful food in a cute restaurant that’s great value in my books!

The fact that this lovely little restaurant has been hiding away from me for so long, just around the corner from my house in Bexley, Kent, makes me want to go back again and again to make up for all the meals I could have been having there!  I will certainly be going back again and taking Mr Ayla with me and anyone else who wants to try out some wonderfully traditional Moroccan food.

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