The Medieval Banquet review

An Evening of Festivities at the Medieval Banquet

Feasting with Henry VIII and his royal subjects was not how I ever envisioned spending an evening. But a couple of weeks ago, in the historic area of St Katharine Docks , we did just that. A four course meal, unlimited red wine and ale, and entertainment fit for a king awaited us at the Medieval Banquet.

We were led underground, past coats of armour and a wall lined with swords, into the depths of the Banquet, where rows upon rows of long tables were waiting to be filled. We took our seats next to where all the action would be, hoping that the other people joining our table were in the mood for a fun evening.

The Medieval Banquet review

As the place started to come alive with more guests, the noblemen and women wandered around talking to visitors, asking us which distant land we had come from and bidding us a good evening.

The Medieval Banquet review

Most of the other guests came in large groups for a birthday, hen or stag night  – the perfect place for a big celebration. People excitedly scanned the rows of fancy dress outfits like big kids, wanting to hire some medieval attire for the occasion. I suggested I get a crown and Mr Ayla a jester hat but for some reason he didn’t seem too keen on the idea (I have no idea why – he’d make the perfect jester and we all know that I’m a Disney princess under cover), so we satisfied ourselves instead by giggling at all the other guests who were kitting themselves out.

Henry VIII at the Medieval Banquet

There were a few rules for the evening and the fear of being beheaded by the very serious looking Henry VIII made sure we followed them.

Firstly, when we needed our jugs of wine or mead topped up, we were to shout out “Wench!” Admittedly, I felt a bit too rude to do this so gladly left it to the other gentlemen at the table who, after a couple of glasses, were perfectly happy to shout out at the wenches.  Secondly, we were to show our appreciation by banging our fists on the table; and, lastly, no throwing food. Clearly the health and safety here is a tad more up to date than it was in medieval times.

Not only are the tables communal but so is the food, and we passed the first course – a big bowl of creamy vegetable soup – around the table each filling up our individual bowls. Realising that we wouldn’t be getting any spoons, we tore off chunks of bread from the big loaves to mop up as much of the soup as we could and the rest we drank straight out of the bowl. This banquet really was medieval and it’s the one place you don’t need to be ashamed about bad table manners!

Course after course continued arriving in front of us – cheese and meat platters, chicken with roasted potatoes and vegetables and, finally, a deliciously warm fruit pie with cream.

The Medieval Banquet review

I did think that having to dish up our food from the same serving bowls as total strangers might be a bit awkward but there was always plenty to go round and the wenches were happy to fill our bowls up if we needed more.

I’m not sure if we’re just lucky in these situations or if it’s just down to both of us being genuinely friendly people (yes, we really are just that nice) but we always meet some great people on these sorts of adventures. We were joined with some like-minded travellers from New Zealand who we shared stories and drank wine with all night.

The Medieval Banquet review

Between each course we were entertained by jugglers and acrobats, troubadours and minstrels (or poets and singers to your 21st century ears), all performing impressive stunts and tricks that completely held our attention until the next round of food appeared in front of us.

After copious amounts of food and wine, everyone cheered uproariously as two knights battled it out in a sword fight, and when the dancing wenches dragged people up to join in the celebrations, we laughed in surprise as the music took a slight detour from the medieval theme and suddenly switched from Greensleeves to Rihanna.  After all that wine we were ready for a dance to end off the most fun night out we’ve had in ages.

Have you been or would you like to go to the Medieval Banquet or any other themed evening like this one?  Let me know in the comments below or at:

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Big thanks to The Medieval Banquet who hosted our night. Despite all the wine (and the sore head the next morning), our entertaining evening of festivities is one I won’t be forgetting any time soon!

27 thoughts on “An Evening of Festivities at the Medieval Banquet

    • Ayla says:

      That sounds like lots of fun too, I’ll have a read of your post! I love a chance to get dressed up – it brings out the big kid in all of us 🙂

  1. connie says:

    This looks like an absolutely hilarious night out! I think I’d be a little shy about the whole themed situation at first but no doubt once that mead got flowing… hahaha!

    • Ayla says:

      They didn’t really get the audience involved until the end when they got people up to dance and by that time the wine and mead would have worked its magic and you’ll be raring to join in!

    • Ayla says:

      You may have to try it with him next time you’re back in London then. It was super fun and yes all the food and wine was an added bonus 🙂

  2. rlishman84 says:

    Read about this place a few weeks ago and it sounds like my perfect evening out – I thought they only did corporate events, but I’ll have to get a group together!

    • Ayla says:

      No anyone can go to this no matter how big the group size is! I would say going as a bigger groups is better than going as a couple purely because it is so much fun. But we still really enjoyed our evening talking to others 🙂

  3. themedievalpoet says:

    This sounds great fun! I write medieval poems for weddings so love finding out about new medieval experiences!

  4. Packing my Suitcase says:

    That’s amazing!!! I always wanted to do something like this!!
    How cool and fun. I have once eaten in a cave medieval restaurant in Bratislava, but nothing like this. I am surely saving up the name for when I go to London 😀

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