A Warm Welcome to Uganda

During our time gorilla trekking in Uganda we stayed in a quiet little village up in the mountains of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.  All we could see for miles around was the lush green jungle and mountains covered in a foggy mist.  It must be one of the quietest places I’ve ever been to – away from the constant hum of the big cities and towns in Uganda, no beeping horns of trucks and bikes, or the hustle and bustle of people everywhere.  It was blissful and made a nice change to the noise we had become used to in Kenya and Tanzania.

After a very bumpy and quite scary ride over narrow dirt tracks and along the edge of cliffs, we came across a tiny little village in the middle of the mountains.  We stopped here for a couple of nights and were welcomed with open arms and big smiles as well as a song and dance from the children.  Everyone ended up getting involved – babies, toddlers, teenagers and even the adults.  It was hard not to be swept up in their smiles, the rhythm of the African music and the beat of the bongos.  And with the stunning mountains as a backdrop this is definitely one of the most memorable shows I’ve seen.

These videos cannot help but make me smile when I watch them back now.  They completely sum up Africa for me – the incredibly friendly people, happy smiling faces, music you can’t help but dance to, and always, always, lots of fun.

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