The Cotswolds: A Photo Essay

After a lovely couple of days in Bath and Cheddar Gorge, the last stop on our mini road trip was the Cotswolds where we planned on seeing some of England’s greenest countryside and stopping off at several of its small villages before heading back home.  As is typical in England, it rained pretty much the whole time, but this didn’t make the area any less beautiful.  In fact, I took so many photos that I just had to share all the prettiness of the Cotswolds with you.

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Afternoon tea at Hush

Afternoon Tea and Cocktail Making at Hush, London

I’m ashamed to say that, despite living in London for the whole 26 years of my life, I had never been to afternoon tea before.  I find this hard to even believe myself as I have so much love for tea, cake, chocolate, scones, pretty much all food really, that this sort of thing should have been high on my to-do list.  When I finally had my first afternoon tea experience earlier this year, I’m pretty happy to say that it exceeded all expectations and I now seem to have become quite addicted.  A pretty good addiction to have though wouldn’t you agree?

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48 hours in Bath

48 Hours in Bath

Bath was the first stop on our little road trip; somewhere we had heard so many good things about but had never had the chance to visit despite only living a couple of hours away.

From the moment we arrived both of us loved the city, its streets lined with Georgian buildings, with pretty courtyards and squares where people sat outside pavement cafes listening to buskers playing music and watching the sun set over the city. Bath is only small so walking around was easy and gave us a chance to stumble across little side streets full of cute tea houses (which there are lots of) and quirky independent shops.

We arrived in the evening and, after checking into our gorgeous hotel, headed straight out to explore the city.

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Sotto Sotto Bath review

Sotto Sotto, Bath: Restaurant Review

I don’t often write reviews on restaurants but, when I do, it’s because I’ve found somewhere too fabulous not to tell you about!

As we were celebrating our anniversary during our weekend trip to Bath, we decided to book a table at the Italian restaurant Sotto Sotto, as it seemed to be highly recommended as one of the best places to eat. While I may not have been to every restaurant in the city, I truly believe that it is THE best place to eat in Bath, as every single moment of our evening and every single mouthful of food was simply wonderful.

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Cats and Cake at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

I know I talk about animals a lot but there is a reason for that…animals are simply great.  There is no doubt about it that every single animal is fascinating in its own way and even though I spend a lot of my spare time with them when I volunteer at London Zoo and with my own pets at home, there is still some sort of magnetic pull wherever I am in the world that has me heading straight for the nearest fluffy nosed creature around.

So when I heard that Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, the UK’s first cat cafe, opened up in London earlier this year there was no doubt that I had to go.

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Flavours of Morocco: Restaurant Review

I eat out far too much to write a review on every restaurant I go to, but somewhere I tried for the first time recently was just too good not to write about.

My friend and I wanted to try somewhere different from the usual places we eat out so we took a drive around locally to see what we could find.  We stumbled upon Flavours of Morocco, a little Moroccan restaurant a short 10 minutes away from my home; it’s twinkling lights and pretty Moroccan decor invited us in as well as a chance to try some proper Moroccan food for the first time.

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