I Heart Belgium (Part I): Bruges

Having heard so much about the small, quaint and fairytale-like town of Bruges, I was eager to get there and see it for myself.  And it really is all of the above with extra cuteness on top.

Only an hour away from Brussels, by day Bruges is filled with tourists on day trips and it’s hard to move between the large tour groups that fill Market Square.  Queues are long for the main attractions like climbing the 366 steps of the Belfry, sampling the chocolate at the Choco-Story Museum, and taking a boat ride along the canals that wind through the town, much like the canals in Venice except here they don’t make your eyes boggle at the price!

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European Easters

Over the last few years, it seems we’ve got into a pattern of exploring a different city in Europe every Easter. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for a long weekend break to one of the many gorgeous cities and stunning landscapes that so much of Europe has to offer that aren’t too far from home.

Our first European Easter trip took us to Venice, somewhere I’d wanted to visit for a long time. With gondolas floating down the winding canals, colourful buildings with their open shuttered windows, and narrow alleys to get lost down, it was everything I expected it to be and more.

Paris isn’t the City of Love. Venice is.

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