Inspiring travel mamas

13 Inspiring Travel Mamas

Due to it being Mother’s Day yesterday and International Women’s Day last week, I am feeling like celebrating all the strong and brave women right now. So I thought it only fitting that I share some of my favourite travelling, blogging and Instagramming mamas with you.

Mamahood isn’t always easy and travelling with a little one (or little ones in some cases) can be stressful but these ladies prove that it is possible. They all fill me with so much inspiration and wanderlust and they make me want to jet off with Evie on a new adventure every single day.

1. Taylor Hearts Travel

Char was one of my very favourite travel bloggers as well as a great friend before all the babies came along but now she has two little explorers on her hands. Her trip to Canada a couple of years ago with her baby boy made me want to visit this part of the world so much and now she’s going back again later this year with her new little girl explorer too!

2. The Sunny Side of This

From Mexico to Slovenia to Belgium, Isabel has lived in some amazing places. Now she has her little boy, Max, who is only a couple of weeks older than Evie, and he’s already been on 18 flights around the world! It’s great being able to bond with someone you’ve never even met over your shared love of travel and now our babies. We really hope to meet these guys one day!

3. Mum Pack Travel

Evie, a single mum, travels with her daughter Emmie to some of my top dream destinations such as Sri Lanka and Bali. They seriously make me excited for all the travels I’m hoping to do with my own Evie and they’ve even started running some mum and daughter retreats in the most exotic locations which of course I have set my sights on!

4. Travel Mad Mum

Karen has spent not one but two rounds of maternity leave travelling the world with her littles and her hubby. Travelling with babies is totally worth it but it can be hard which is why Travel Mad Mum is one of the biggest inspirations for travelling full time with babies. Her kids have been to some incredible places and I love seeing the amazing little people they are growing up to be thanks to all the experiences they’re getting.

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I have had hundreds of questions via mail and in post comments about Machu Picchu with kids. Let me cover all your questions here and apologies if I haven’t got back to you personally. 1. Yes you can bring your kids to Machu Picchu. 2. No we did not hike here. We are staying in @sumaqhotel 20 minutes away and took the bus to the gate from outside the hotel. The bus goes every 15 minutes. 3. Walking around Machu Picchu is a bit like a hike in itself but not difficult. 4. Machu Picchu is 7972 feet above see level. It’s nearby Cusco where the plane lands is the real issue at over 13,000 feet. Most people take a taxi to Sacred Valley on arrival to get to the train station, as it’s significantly lower altitude. If you choose to hike, there are a lot of more high points than Machu Picchu itself. We have not had any altitude sickness here. If we stayed in Cusco to start with, that may have been different, so we intend to go there on the way back (easing ourselves into higher points). 5. The kids enjoyed the walk around the site and Esmé particularly loved the lamas. Her favourite part about the trip has been mini-chef cooking classes and story time at our hotel where they are all about the family. 6. Some people asked about what time we went. We arrived at 7am, it’s rainy season supposedly so not as many people around. That said at 9am it was starting to get busy and by 1030 it was getting quite hot and we had don’t most of it so we left. Full blog with all of our tips coming soon. There is a lot that goes into preparing and routing to Machu Picchu with kids. Any other questions let me know .. Isn’t it stunning? 💜✈️🌎 #SumaqMoments #FeeltheAndeanWisdom #Peru #MachuPicchu #gopro #hero5 #womenwhoexplore

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5. Packing My Suitcase

Another wonderful friend I made through the blogging world, Allane also had a little girl last year who she now takes on her travels with her. For their very first trip abroad they went all the way to the Maldives when little Madu was just three months old! In a few months Evie and I will be heading out to Germany for some girly adventures with these two!

6. Wandermust Family

This family of three are currently on a round the world trip, chasing waterfalls in Hawaii and climbing the Great Wall of China. When they’re not off on an awesome adventure they’re exploring the UK with their toddler. These guys are some of the most relatable and down to earth travellers I’ve met through the blogosphere and they have already passed on so many great tips to me for my travels with Evie.

7. anicheworld

Anisha and I both had little girls within a couple of months of each other but we were following each other’s travels long before that. Her daughter is a little globe trotter having travelled to some really off the beaten track and emerging destinations such as Israel and Oman. If they’re ever back in London for long enough I’d love our happy smiley girls to meet.

Inspiring travel mamas

8. Riley’s Travels

Riley is one well travelled little boy, flying his way around the world with his flight attendant mama and pilot dad. Whether they’re exploring their home in Japan or off on an Australian road trip in the cutest VW camper, their journey is sure to inspire anyone with kids.

9. Follow Your Sunshine

This lady is one rocking mama, a British expat living in Qatar with her husband and almost two year old daughter, who sounds very similar to Evie (i.e. never giving us any sleep!). Her explorations in Doha and their travels around the world prove that luxury travel is still possible with a toddler. Polly completely epitomises motherhood and family travel and seems to radiate sunshine in everything she does. If there is anyone who inspires me on a daily basis to be the best mother I can be then it’s Polly.

10. They Wanderlust

These guys travel to some of THE most luxurious destinations around the world with their little boy who I must say, looks super swarve in a mini suit and bow tie. Their trip to the Maldives looked so heavenly that you’d never think travel with a baby could be anything less than perfectly relaxing!

11. Kate Warda

From the US to Germany, this beautiful family have relocated with their blue eyed boy and I love following their adventures around Bavaria and Europe. I’m sure that Evie and Henry are set to wed one day – their blue eyes and cheeky nature are sure to be a great combo!

12. The Travel Hack

Monica had a huge love for travel and a fantastic blog before she had kids but now she has two little boys (and a dog) who are the absolute cutest by the way. She travels both as a family with her boys and husband as well as somtimes travelling solo so I love the mix of travel styles that she caters to.

13. Snowflakesfairy

This London based mum and daughter duo are serious goals. They travel to some amazing places and twin in the most adorable outfits so they are obviously one of mine and Evie’s biggest inspirations!

Whether you’re a mum or not, who inspires you to travel? Let me know in the comments below or at:

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12 thoughts on “13 Inspiring Travel Mamas

  1. Mani (A New Life Wandering) says:

    Loved this list! I only knew about two of these, who happen to be some of my favourite blogs (Sunny Side and Packing my Suitcase), but I’ll be following many of these from now on! So funny you are already matchmaking Evie with a handsome little boy haha.
    Isn’t it great to have been following some bloggers and then they had babies around the same time as you? 🙂

  2. thegrownupgapyear says:

    This is so funny, I have been in the process of writing up a very similar post myself, as I am loving all of the travelling families out there. As a new mummy myself, this list is so helpful. I’m going to make sure I’m following them all! Obviously you’ll always be my no 1 travelling mama 😉

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