African Pygmy Hedgehog

Happy National Hedgehog Day!

As it’s National Hedgehog Day today, I thought I would share some pictures of my own little hedgehog because, to put it simply, African Pygmy Hedgehogs are just too cute for words.

I’m usually greeted with a look of bafflement when I tell someone we’ve got a pet hedgehog.  I’ll admit that they’re not a typical animal to have as a pet but they do make a great little addition to the family and she suits us perfectly.  As soon as anyone sees her they immediately want one of their own!

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Liebster Award

Getting recognition for your blog is always a wonderful thing so I was excited to be told that Mrs Ayla’s Adventures has been nominated for a Liebster Award by Mike at Bemused Backpacker. Not only is Mike a brilliant writer himself, but he has supported the blog since I first started it, and has also became a good friend (as well as my unofficial travel nurse!) so I am once again truly grateful for his support.

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