Where to stay in Lucerne

A Room with a Mountain View at Hotel Continental Park Lucerne

I was a little bit apprehensive about our journey to Switzerland. We’d been up since 3am and even though the flight from London to Zurich was a short one, we still had an hour’s train ride at the other end to get to Lucerne, the beautiful mountain and lakeside city that would be mine, my sister’s and Evie’s first stop on this trip. It turns out I didn’t need to worry at all as, even with a baby, the journey couldn’t have been any easier, and we were walking through the doors of our accommodation in Lucerne before it was even midday.

Just a few minutes walk from the train station and a few minutes more to Lucerne’s Old Town, Hotel Continental Park couldn’t be in a better location and our arrival couldn’t have been any friendlier as we were greeted with refreshing fruit tea while we checked in, which was much needed after our travels, and our room was ready nice and early for us.

Where to stay in Lucerne

The hotel has very recently been given a new corporate design and we were there to try out one of their design rooms. Our spacious triple corner room was elegant and modern with a large super comfy double bed, a single bed and a cot with its own cute little bedding.

Where to stay in Lucerne

The pillows were huge and so so soft and I got myself comfortable in my big double bed – I needed the big bed myself of course because Evie usually co-sleeps with me. At least that’s what I told my sister anyway!

Where to stay in Lucerne

For when Evie did want to stay in her own bed, the sleep and play cot even had a little baby flap which could be unzipped so she could crawl in and out and she had plenty of space to have her own little adventure around the room.

Where to stay in Lucerne

The extra added little touches in the room were very welcomed such as the coffee machine (necessary to keep any mother sane) and a large umbrella (also necessary due to the lovely Swiss weather) as well as a huge rain shower in the bathroom that I very much enjoyed while my sister entertained Evie!

Where to stay in Lucerne

I’m the sort of person who absolutely loves a view. Whenever I travel I always fight for the window seat on the plane, in restaurants I’ll always try to sit at a table that I can people watch from, and I always ask for a room with a view at any accommodation. As soon as I arrive in a new hotel room my attention is immediately drawn to the windows and balcony door, wondering what I’ll be able to see outside, and it was no exception at Continental Park. I know Lucerne is a city that is surrounded by mountains but I honestly wasn’t expecting to have such a stunning view seeing as we were in the centre of the city. But as soon as I pushed aside the curtains and stepped out onto our big corner balcony, my heart was taken.

Where to stay in Lucerne

Across the small grassy square outside the hotel was a row of adorably cute and colourful Swiss houses with the most perfectly snow-capped mountain as a backdrop. I wasn’t sure it was real at first. How can a huge mountain be that close? How can it be covered in snow when in the streets below it was a pretty mild albeit slightly wet Spring day? Is it even real?!

Turned out it was real and it was covered in plenty of snow as we would find out the next day when we went to the top of it!

Although the clouds meant that we couldn’t quite see the mountain all the time, I was constantly peeping out the window like the view-aholic that I am and as soon as it appeared I was throwing open those balcony doors and basking in that wonderful sight. Even Evie would rush straight over every time I opened the balcony doors!

When it turned dark and we were finally able to tear our eyes away from the view, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Bellini Locanda Ticinese, the restaurant which is part of the hotel, and guests staying at Continental Park receive a discount here.

Where to stay in Lucerne

This is also where we had our breakfast from the varied buffet selection each morning. The fresh warm croissants they brought out to us were heavenly – as you can see from Evie trying to pinch mine!

Where to stay in Lucerne

Where to stay in Lucerne

Scrambled eggs or Easter eggs for breakfast?

Our dinner here was one of our favourite meals while we were in Switzerland not only because of the delicious pizzas but mostly thanks to the super friendly service and the relaxed atmosphere. While a musician duo played live traditional music softly in the background, each of us received a complimentary appetiser and a glass of prosecco.

Where to stay in Lucerne

None for Evie of course (although I would have been perfectly happy to have hers!) who was instead provided with lots of little baby toys to keep her entertained once she’d finished her food and while us grown ups were still eating.

Where to stay in Lucerne

Regardless of the lovely room, the amazing view and the great location, it’s always the little personal touches that make me remember somewhere and the staff at the family run Continental Park went above and beyond. They would come over for a chat in the morning to see what we had planned for the day, always making sure we had everything we needed, offering advice, tips and directions, and making sure we had our passes for free public transportation around the city. One lovely member of staff especially even personally delivered an item of Evie’s clothes that I had left in our room to our new hotel in Zurich along with a little Easter chocolate for Evie. This is the sort of thing that really makes a hotel stand out for me and is one of the reasons why we had such an enjoyable couple of days in Lucerne.

Okay, just one more photo of the view! Because sitting out on the balcony in the morning with my girls and a cup of coffee had me never wanting to leave.

Where to stay in Lucerne

Have you stayed somewhere that had you falling in love with the view? Let me know in the comments below or at:

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Thank you to Hotel Continental Park for hosting our stay in Lucerne.

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    • Mrs Ayla's Adventures says:

      It really does make all the difference when the staff make so much effort like they did here. Even if it wasn’t for the view the service would have made this place memorable on its own but of course the view helped too!

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