Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Most people view Ibiza as a place for drinking, partying and wild holidays.  And, yes, this is mostly true – I even remember going to a foam party when I visited Ibiza as a child with my family!  But there are some quiet and relaxing spots and the island is still a beautiful place to visit with some of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen.

On a girl’s holiday last year, I decided to take a moment out of the madness and went to sit by the water’s edge as the sun started to set over the harbour.  I could not tear my eyes away from what was in front of me – a sun so big it looked like it was hovering right above the sea; the bright changing colours of the sky; the shimmering colourful reflections in the water; and the shadow of the boats bobbing up and down.  I’ve seen some amazing sunsets around the world, but this was simply stunning.

I just sat and watched until the sun had finally set, the sky had stopped changing colours and my camera was full to bursting with beautiful photos.

Some summer lovin’ and beautiful sunsets

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