India is Calling

I have been waiting for this day for an extremely long time.  From the day I booked our flight to New Delhi all the way back in February, I have had frequent frenzied moments of jumping up and down with excitement or grabbing the person closest to me and squeezing them with delight.  I’ve also had a few moments of panic – not knowing what to pack on this trip that isn’t really a holiday but isn’t really proper backpacking either; stressing over the complicated visa process; worrying about what clothes to take in a country that will be hot in the South but cooler in the North and where modern cities thrive next to older traditional places (to jean it or not to jean it?).

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Christmas…? What Christmas?!

What with my upcoming trip to India, I’ve been struggling to find time to fit in writing around all the planning.  And when I plan a trip, I really plan a trip.  No bars spared, I will put all my energy, concentration and every waking minute into making it as incredible an adventure as it can possibly be.  I may end up completely drained and about to pass out from exhaustion but it will all have been worth it in the end!

For this trip, as well as getting an extortionate amount of tips from other bloggers and twitterers (the #travelindia hashtag by Poonam has been super helpful), I have been reading up on India from my stack of books.  This is something I always do when I go away and I think it’s a great way to research.

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