Yotel Gatwick

Smart Luxury at Yotel London Gatwick

Our recent flight to Marrakech was at the hideously early time of 5.45am and when you have to take into account driving to the airport, checking in and going through security, let alone the fact that I’m a totally bad traveller and leave packing till the very last minute, there would have been no point in even going to bed the night before.

So we decided to stay at Yotel, a traveller friendly hotel right in Gatwick airport’s south terminal.  You cannot get any closer to check in, being literally 20 seconds from the check in desk and airport security, meaning we could get much more sleep and not start our trip all bleary-eyed and tired.

Yotel offers luxurious but practical cabin style rooms that are bookable by the hour for those travellers who want a rest between stopovers, or for a full night’s stay for early starters like us.  The corridors are all dimly lit with a soft pink glow so that no matter what time of day or night it is you can get a few hours of peaceful sleep.

Yotel Gatwick

The rooms are fairly small and compact but we found it perfect for a few hours’ sleep.  Our luggage fit snuggly underneath the convertible bed which we could slide up into a sofa at the touch of a button giving the room more space.

Yotel Gatwick

A useful little workstation table and chair hung on the wall where I could do my blogging or Mr Ayla could just chill while I took my photos (he’s learnt well how to be my perfect model!).

Yotel Gatwick

The modern bathroom with an amazing monsoon shower is sectioned off from the rest of the room with a glass partition so you should probably not be too shy if you’re sharing the room with someone else!  There is a blind that can be pulled part way across but if you’re the sort of person who likes to watch TV from the toilet or talk to your other half when you’re in the shower then this is the perfect bathroom for you!

Yotel Gatwick

In case of any strangers wandering past your cabin (or your husband popping his head up at the door like a full on stalker), black out blinds can be pulled all the way down and we didn’t hear a single sound from outside all night.  It was so comfy with those big fluffy pillows that we fell asleep almost as soon as we laid down.

Yotel Gatwick

Mission Control is open 24/7 and the crew provided us with complimentary hot drinks, a handy hairdryer and anything else we may have needed before our trip including food and wake up calls.

Yotel Gatwick

I had checked in online beforehand and as we only had hand luggage with us all we had to do was simply roll out of bed and practically straight onto the plane in the morning.  So we could chill out in our super-cool super-pink room without any last minute panicking, rushing or stressing.  The best way to start a trip!

Yotel Gatwick

Have you stayed in an airport hotel?  What do you think the best thing about airport hotels are for travellers?  Let me know in the comments below or at:

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Thank you to Yotel who hosted our stay at Gatwick Airport.  It was the perfect stress-free start to our trip!

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    • Ayla says:

      He actually made me jump standing at my window like that!! You should give this a try before your honeymoon to get you into the Japanese spirit 🙂

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