Bedruthan Steps Cornwall

Exploring North Cornwall’s Beautiful Coastline

When I think of a relaxing beach trip, I automatically think of some far off exotic destination with white sandy beaches and a deep blue sea, palm trees swaying in the cool breeze and a cocktail in my hand (there’s always a cocktail).  The main thought though is that it’s far away from home.

This daydream is never, ever, set anywhere in the UK because, well, because it’s England where most of the beaches are full of pebbles and the sky is more likely to be grey and cloudy rather than bright blue.  I also usually picture myself soaking up the sun’s rays on the beach, so getting drizzled on by the UK’s wet rain isn’t exactly an idyllic fantasy.

So imagine how stunned I was when we arrived in Cornwall to find some of the most gorgeous beaches that I would never have imagined were only a few hours drive from our home in London.

Mawgan Porth to Bedruthan Steps

Instead of making our way straight to the cute little cottage that was to be our home for the weekend, we decided to make the most of the sunshine and headed straight to Mawgan Porth Beach which was only a short distance away.  Being a bank holiday weekend, the tiny beach was packed with holiday-goers but we left them behind as we made our way up the path along the headland.

Mawgan Porth to Bedruthan Steps

There were so many simply stunning views along this short coastal walk that it was impossible not to stop every few minutes to take in our beautiful surroundings on such a lovely clear day.  I mean, seriously, look how blue that sky is!

Mawgan Porth to Bedruthan Steps

After a walk that was supposed to only be 20 minutes but instead ended up being more like an hour (oops, I blame Google!), we rounded the next bend in the cliff and the rugged coastline of the Bedruthan Steps finally came into view.

Bedruthan Steps Cornwall

Bedruthan Steps Cornwall

The tide was already starting to come in by the time we finally made it to the beach and despite most people quickly making their way back up to the top, of course we had to go down and have a quick look.  I wasn’t walking all that way not to get my toes in the sand!

Beaches in Cornwall

Even if that did mean that I got completely windswept and almost washed away by the waves.

Bedruthan Steps Cornwall

The next day I’d arranged a surfing lesson for Alex’s birthday treat in Watergate Bay which was only a short drive from our cottage.  His birthday may have been all the way back in February but it would probably have been a bit chilly to get in the sea at that time of year so we waited until summer.  Even though warm water isn’t exactly guaranteed in summer either it was actually the perfect day for surfing.  The sea wasn’t too cold and I even got my pasty legs out and dipped them in!

Watergate Bay Cornwall

Then I sat back, took lots of photos, watched and laughed (and laughed some more) as Mr Ayla attempted, with not much success, to stand up on his board.

Surfing Watergate Bay

Surfing Watergate Bay

Even if it was only for a few short seconds his elation at eventually managing to get two feet on the board was obvious!

Surfing Watergate Bay

Okay so I’m not going to lie – admittedly, there was still the odd day when the skies opened up and it poured down with rain.  It is England, on the coast, during summer, so what more could we really expect.  But we were determined to revisit the hotel in Newquay that we had stayed in for our mini-moon eight years ago, up on the edge of the headland overlooking the long stretch of Fistral Beach.

Fistral Beach Cornwall

If anyone spotted a slightly crazy couple prancing along the beach in the rain, wearing rain macs in August, yup, that was indeed us.

Beaches in Cornwall

Regardless of whether it was raining or it had been a sunny day, the one thing that seemed to be guaranteed on Cornwall’s beaches, especially at Lusty Glaze, were the gorgeous colourful sunsets.  I couldn’t think of a better way to end each day than by sharing a drink on the beach while watching the sun go down.

Sunset in Cornwall

Sunset in Cornwall

Have you seen any of Cornwall’s gorgeous beaches and coastline?  Which part is your favourite?  Let me know in the comments below or at:

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30 thoughts on “Exploring North Cornwall’s Beautiful Coastline

  1. abitofculture says:

    Great round-up! I love that neck of the woods too. I got married at the Watergate Bay hotel, and the in-laws live in Padstow so I get there every few months. My current favourite beach is Rock but Bedruthan Steps (and its cafe) is up there too.

  2. Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles says:

    Ooh I love Cornwall and it looks like you both had a fab time! Hopefully I’ll be able to make it down there next summer – I have a dream of renting a camper van and living the beach bum life for a week 🙂 And those pictures you’ve got make Cornwall look like a tropical paradise, it’s so beautiful!

    • Ayla says:

      I used to be a bit like that – always wanting to go overseas rather than exploring my own home but you’re right, there are so many fantastic places nearby to discover 🙂

  3. Lucy Dodsworth says:

    Gorgeous photos – I spent my min-moon down on the north Cornwall coast a couple of years ago, the weather was dreadful but it was still gorgeous – will have to go back and see what it looks like in the sunshine!

    • Ayla says:

      We had a couple of rainy days – we were still in England after all! But mostly it was lovely and sunny and the views of the coast were just stunning 🙂

    • Ayla says:

      He managed to get up there a few times Suze! I was glad I was only watching from the safety of solid ground though! Was great to catch up too 🙂

  4. The Vagabond Baker says:

    That photo of Mr Ayla riding the surf is so cool! Well done him! Sounds like a lovely week, Britain can be so glorious when the sun comes out for a while, I love our beaches and coastal walks. I haven’t been to Cornwall for years, these photos are really tempting me back Ayla!

  5. Fife Photos and Art says:

    Great photos of what I know is a wonderful bit of coastline. Glad the two of you had such a wonderful time. Just a wee thing though, many Cornish will be quite offended that you have said that Cornwall is in England!!

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