Nothing less than paradise at Marari Villas

After an exhausting 2 and a half weeks travelling around the busy, noisy and dusty cities of North India, arriving at Marari Villas was like stepping into a whole different world.  A small resort in the quiet beach village of Mararikulam in Kerala, Marari Villas was exactly the bit of luxury and relaxation we needed to end our trip with.

While I plan all our trips and Alex just goes along with whatever I say (who says there’s no such thing as the perfect man?!), I had told Alex absolutely nothing about this place.  I knew how good it was and I wanted to see his face when he realised this.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

This week’s challenge is based on the three-picture story: a way to tell a story through images.

My three-picture story is about Jaisalmer Fort, one of the world’s largest forts and one of the biggest tourist attractions in Rajasthan, India, and also where we spent Christmas Day last year.  Unlike most of the forts in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer Fort is still in use today and not just used as a museum or tourist attraction.  Hundreds of people live inside in old fashioned havelis and the winding alleys are crammed full of shops, eateries and places of worship.

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A Home Away From Home

One of my favourite parts of planning a trip is choosing the accommodation. It might only be somewhere to lay your head but in countries with a big culture shock or noisy streets, your room provides you with your own little bubble of privacy and calm and, for me at least, it’s somewhere I can retreat to and relax at the end of a long and tiring day of exploring, so the accommodation is an important part of travel for me.

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10 Essentials To Take To India

I like to think I know what to pack when I go on trips.  I do hours of research and make hundreds of lists, and travel experience also helps in knowing what to take.  I’m proud to say I’ve never once forgotten anything and found myself desperately in need of it when away.  (Okay so there was the time when I forgot my bra and had to turn back around when half way to the airport but that was totally Alex’s fault.  And yes it was a much needed piece of underwear!)

But India is in a league of its own when it comes to what you need to take with you.

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A Christmas In India

When I think of Christmas, white snow and twinkly fairy lights come to mind; Christmas crackers with ridiculous jokes; stuffing myself full with my nan and grandad’s yummy roast dinner; opening presents from under the Christmas tree; and getting into arguments over games with the family. But I had none of that this year.

This year Alex and I spent our Christmas in India. Instead of white snow we had hot sunshine, and the roast turkey was substituted with curry.

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India and all its Madness

I thought I was prepared for India.  I had researched for months and got tips from those who had already been, bought and packed everything we could possibly need; but I don’t think anything can really prepare you for this place.

It isn’t the culture shock of this country that is so different to England or anywhere else I’ve ever been.  I tend to thrive on culture shocks and like to go to places that are as different as possible to what I am used to, but India is on another level!

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India is Calling

I have been waiting for this day for an extremely long time.  From the day I booked our flight to New Delhi all the way back in February, I have had frequent frenzied moments of jumping up and down with excitement or grabbing the person closest to me and squeezing them with delight.  I’ve also had a few moments of panic – not knowing what to pack on this trip that isn’t really a holiday but isn’t really proper backpacking either; stressing over the complicated visa process; worrying about what clothes to take in a country that will be hot in the South but cooler in the North and where modern cities thrive next to older traditional places (to jean it or not to jean it?).

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Christmas…? What Christmas?!

What with my upcoming trip to India, I’ve been struggling to find time to fit in writing around all the planning.  And when I plan a trip, I really plan a trip.  No bars spared, I will put all my energy, concentration and every waking minute into making it as incredible an adventure as it can possibly be.  I may end up completely drained and about to pass out from exhaustion but it will all have been worth it in the end!

For this trip, as well as getting an extortionate amount of tips from other bloggers and twitterers (the #travelindia hashtag by Poonam has been super helpful), I have been reading up on India from my stack of books.  This is something I always do when I go away and I think it’s a great way to research.

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