Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

One of the most scenic coastal routes I’ve ever travelled down is Chapman’s Peak Drive, a stunning road that twists and turns its way around the edge of the mountains, along the ocean.  The road makes up part of the drive from the city of Cape Town all the way down to Cape Point, and it seems like a million miles away from South Africa’s bustling capital.

Although Cape Point is the destination that most people want to reach, there are plenty of places to stop along the way.  Relax on the sandy beaches of Fish Hoek, grab some fish and chips from Hout Bay and say hello to the penguins at Boulder’s Beach.  But, whatever you do, don’t miss passing through the spectacular Chapman’s Peak.

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On The Move

Sitting still doesn’t come naturally to me.  After a day of relaxing on a beach, my feet start twitching, and I’m ready to get up and start exploring.

All the travelling to reach new destinations can sometimes take it’s toll.  I don’t even want to think about the ludicrous amount of hours I’ve spent waiting at airports or train stations; the number of times I’ve rushed in a panic to catch a flight; the amount of delays that have frustrated me, and the hours of sleep I’ve lost to jet leg; the irritation of bartering over prices for a local taxi, tuk tuk or bus; the air miles I could have earned if only I had been clever enough to sign up in the first place; and all the plane food I’ve consumed (and yes, I’m one of those rare few people who actually enjoys plane food. It’s food…what’s not to like?!).

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A Road Trip along the Garden Route

After 3 months doing volunteer work and travelling overland through Africa, Alex and I were thrilled to finally get some time alone at the end of the tour when we planned on hiring a car and driving up the Garden Route.  Having been on a set itinerary for the overland tour it was a huge relief to just have free time to be able to go where we wanted, when we wanted (well, as much as my plan-aholic self would allow!).

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Seeing as I’m not a pirate and don’t often go deep-sea diving, I haven’t come across much real treasure in my life.  So instead I thought of something that was important to me, something that should be treasured, and my favourite animal in the world came to mind.

I love tigers with a passion.  Not only are they stunningly beautiful but they are graceful as well as strong, playful as well as dangerous.  Every time I do my volunteer work at London Zoo, I make sure I pay a visit to the tigers and hours can pass where I just sit and watch them.

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Living with Lions

After a short drive out of the city and into the bush in the back of a dusty truck, I found it hard to believe what I was seeing.  Inside a fenced off area a group of people were sitting on a picnic bench chatting away and…wait…what…this can’t be right…several lion cubs and two full grown cheetahs sitting within a few feet of them?  Was I seeing things?!

But no, my eyes were working perfectly fine it seemed, as we were shown to our room within the fence.  Yep, our little cabin at the lion reserve was actually inside the lion enclosure.  I knew that we would be working closely with lions – that’s what we’d signed up for when we decided to volunteer at a lion sanctuary in South Africa that looks after orphaned cubs – but this went far beyond what I could have imagined.

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Losing My Heart To Africa

The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.” Richard Mullin

For my first post about one of my adventures, the only thing that I could possibly talk about is somewhere that is very close to my heart.  In fact, it’s somewhere so close to my heart that I’m pretty sure I left it there when I returned home and it’s been calling me back ever since.

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