Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

They say never judge a book by its cover, and while I don’t generally do this with people, I do fail at it when it comes to books.

The cover art of a book is the thing that always grabs my attention first; if it looks beautiful on the outside then I’m pretty much sold (although it really doesn’t take much to tempt me into buying a book to be honest).

Whether it’s a soppy chick lit, tense thriller, classic novel or travel book that makes me want to jet off to exotic destinations, I always swoon over the prettiness of my shelves full of books at home.  Yes, I’m a book geek but some books are just too beautiful not to fall in love with!

But my classic collection of Jules Verne novels is without a doubt my most beautiful book, with a red and gold leather bound cover, gold edged pages inside and gorgeous illustrations.  It’s easy to be a book geek with books like this!


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