Plaza in Lima Peru

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Plaza de Armas (or Plaza Mayor as some call it) is one of the prettiest city squares I’ve come across and is one of the main sights in Peru’s capital city of Lima.

Although it’s a fair distance from the more modern district of Miraflores, I loved this historic centre where big beautiful buildings including palaces, cathedrals, City Hall and Government buildings make up the square’s walls.

Around the edge of the square it was teeming with people and noise at nighttime – cars honked their way around the main square, taxi drivers shouted out of their windows to passersby, the side streets were crammed full of people selling souvenirs and queuing for street food.

But the centre of the square, with its huge water fountain in the middle, seemed to have a calmer atmosphere, even though it is just a step away from the crowds of people and speeding cars.

Whether you’re watching the changing of the guards by day or soaking up the atmosphere at night, Lima’s Old Town is beautiful at any time of day.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

  1. Katie Featherstone says:

    I’ve avoided Lima this time because I’m not too much of a big city person, but I do think South American cities are very good for their plazas. Even if the whole city looks like shit, there is nearly always a lovely plaza in the middle! Great photo. Night time shots are difficult!

    • Ayla says:

      I’m a city girl so I was bound to love Lima! It wasn’t what I was expecting though – was a lot more modern than I imagined. The square still had that older feel though – just a shame it was quite a drive from the rest of Lima.

  2. kimberlysaldana says:

    My parents are from Peru and I have to say that you have covered great posts about the country and of course Lima. I remember when I would visit, I would leave our hotel in San Isidro and take the bus to the Plaza de Armas because I just love the ambiance. Also, for some reason, every weekend there is a celebration going on. It’s so weird but amazing at the same time. Reminds me of Spain lol.

    • Ayla says:

      Sounds like all the dancing in Kennedy Park that we came across – have no idea what the celebration was for but it was lots of fun nonetheless! I truly loved Peru and would love to go back again one day 🙂

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