Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Botswana is an indescribably beautiful country and I’m lucky enough to say that I spent some time here during our journey across Africa. The Okavango Delta is picture perfect, whether you’re gliding through the water in a makoro boat or watching out the window as you fly over the mass of water, glimpsing animals wandering beneath you.

The scenery and wildlife aren’t the only draw to this amazing country; the people are some of the friendliest we’ve come across on our travels, teaching us how to steer a makoro (or trying to at least!) and pointing out wildlife wherever we passed it.

One of my fondest memories from our time here was a night camping under the stars. After a delicious braai (African barbeque), we were invited to meet some locals where we huddled around a camp fire in the evening to keep warm. It didn’t take long for the music to begin, as is always the way in Africa, and we were all soon pulled up to join in with the fun. The women sat around the fire clapping their hands and singing while the men danced in circles around us. It was pure Africa – a loud infectious beat that made me want to get up and dance and an atmosphere so joyous that, even if we didn’t know the song or the traditional dance moves, no one really cared. It didn’t matter that we didn’t speak the same language; the only dialogue needed was a bit of rhythm and a big smile 🙂

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