Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

As part of our Inca Trail tour with G Adventures we visited Ccaccaccollo, a small community in the Sacred Valley that still lives in the traditional Peruvian way of life. We visited the women’s weaving project where we met some of the ladies who showed us how they worked from hand-spinning the wool, making natural dyes to dye the wool and then weaving it.

We watched as they were hard at work making scarves, gloves, hats, jumpers, bags, dolls – anything that could be made from wool.  The process was something I wouldn’t even be able to imagine doing myself from turning big fluffy wads of wool into thin strips, making sure it doesn’t fray, and then weaving it into beautifully intricate patterns.

The ladies giggled a lot as they showed us how they worked and even the children got involved showing us what they could do.  We then took a look around at all the colourful end products that were for sale and I have to say that the hats and gloves kept us nice and toasty on the Inca Trail!

We also met some of the feisty alpacas (one sneezed on me and another spat at Alex!) whose wool was used for the project. Some of them definitely needed a good trim!

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