Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art

With the likes of Tintin and the Smurfs being created in Belgium, along with plenty of other well known comic book characters, I was expecting to see a lot of art and comics on our recent trip to Brussels. But I hadn’t realised quite how popular it would be until we stepped out into the city and found a work of art splashed across the walls on almost every street we wandered down.

We followed the comic strip route, a walk that takes you around the city marking out all the murals as well as Brussels’ other main sights. You might think they would be easy to spot but, hidden away around corners and high up at the top of buildings, some were easy to walk straight past and completely miss!

The street art ranged from popular comic strips to graffiti, from brilliant but random drawings to huge models. All of it adds to the quirkiness and trendiness of Brussels and is definitely something to keep your eyes peeled for on a trip there.





The Adventures of Tintin and Le Scorpion

Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke

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