Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Hong Kong was the first stop on our very first long trip away from home. Alex had never been further than Spain and the most cultured place I’d been to was Florida; not much of a change in culture to the UK, so arriving in Hong Kong was a bit of a culture shock!

After the initial jet lag had worn off we jumped straight into exploring the city. The street life in Hong Kong is like nowhere else I’ve ever been. Early morning markets filled the streets selling everything you could possibly imagine – clothes, bags, toys, furniture, fruit, vegetables and all sorts of food, including live fish that a woman bought and put in her bag still flapping around!


One street sold nothing but pets and it was fascinating walking down a street full of tweeting birds in cages, dogs yapping for attention (which I obviously gave them!) and tortoises slowly sauntering down the pavement next to you!


But then we would turn the corner and find ourselves craning our necks upwards to look at the giant glass skyscrapers, and the chaos of the market filled streets suddenly seemed like a distant dream.

Everywhere we went, the streets were full of colour, noise and people. Hong Kong was the beginning of a huge love of different cultures for me; it was the place where we started all of our adventures.

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