Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

These photos were taken in Kuldhara, an abandoned town just outside the Rajasthani city of Jaisalmer in India.

The story of Kuldhara is that a Diwan, or government official, of the town had set his eyes on a beautiful girl and demanded to marry her.  The girl’s father refused the marriage and so the Diwan gave an ultimatum…marriage to the girl or there would be harsh consequences for the entire town.  The chiefs all met in secret and it was decided that, in the middle of the night, all the 84 villages of Kuldhara would leave and never return, putting a curse on the place as they left.

No one seems to know where all the people of Kuldhara went to or what happened to them but no one has ever lived in the villages since and there are plenty of ghost stories surrounding the area.

The ruins are now a low-key tourist attraction which we visited on Christmas Day; not the most pleasant of places to go on Christmas Day but it was still very interesting to see.  It was extremely quiet and eerie out in the middle of the desert and it really did feel as if everyone had literally just up and left without a moment’s notice.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

  1. Sophie says:

    Ohh so intriguing … I love that story, I’m so curious as to where they went! Also love that they actually made such a huge upheaval for one daughter. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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