The Crazy, Random, Awesomeness that is Fuerzabruta

Quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, Fuerzabruta is an Argentinean stunt show that tours around the world, and I was lucky enough to go and see it this weekend during its stint in London at the Roundhouse.

I knew it was going to be different to other shows I’ve seen, as the stage (if you can call it a stage) is mostly above your head, as well as some parts being in the centre of the venue and along the side walls.  There’s a slight bit of audience participation because, as the performers move around the venue, the audience have to move with them to make space.

There’s no sitting comfortably at this show; it’s all standing and moving around.  With a drink in your hand and dancing along to the loud music, you’ll feel like you’re in a club rather than watching a show in London!

At the start of the show I was all wide-eyed thinking what the hell is going on?!  Despite a rather sexy Argentinean guy getting shot a couple of times at the start, there’s no real story to follow and random things just happen, from all directions, at different times.

The 80 minute spectacle is chock-a-block full of loud music, banging drums, screaming performers, people flying everywhere on ropes and lots of smashing.  And I really do mean LOTS of smashing.  The sexy Argentinean smashing through walls; several performers smashing into each other while flying around on ropes; half dressed girls smashing with belly flops and stomping feet in giant water tanks above your head – just a tad scary at the thought that two giant water-filled tanks and the six performers acting like lunatics in them could fall onto your head at any point!  I can only imagine how many bruises the performers must come away with at the end of the show!

I don’t want to give too much away as Fuerzabruta is full of surprises everywhere you look.  The entire thing is extremely visually creative and cleverly done and, even though it might err on the side of being so bizarre you’d think you were on drugs, it’s fascinating to watch.  It’s completely random and crazy and you’ll have no idea what’s going on, but it’s also a whole lot of awesomeness and like no other show you will ever see!

5 thoughts on “The Crazy, Random, Awesomeness that is Fuerzabruta

    • Ayla says:

      They lower the water tank at one point so that you can just about reach up and touch it. It’s very strange! I think it comes to London once a year around winter so look out for it later in the year – it was definitely an experience!

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