Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Seeing as I’m not a pirate and don’t often go deep-sea diving, I haven’t come across much real treasure in my life.  So instead I thought of something that was important to me, something that should be treasured, and my favourite animal in the world came to mind.

I love tigers with a passion.  Not only are they stunningly beautiful but they are graceful as well as strong, playful as well as dangerous.  Every time I do my volunteer work at London Zoo, I make sure I pay a visit to the tigers and hours can pass where I just sit and watch them.

But tigers are now critically endangered and, according to WWF, the world has lost 97% of its tigers in the last 100 years leaving a measly estimate of about 3,200 left.

I took this photo at Ukutula Lion Park in South Africa where I did volunteer work with these incredible animals.  We didn’t get to work with the tigers as much as the lions and cheetahs as, despite only being cubs, they’re a lot stronger and unpredictable and the volunteers would end up with bruises all over their legs just from a bit of play fighting!  Despite this, they are still an amazing animal and a treasure that should be protected.

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