Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

The photo for this week’s theme – object – could pretty much be anything.  But, seeing as it was my birthday last week, I decided to use this picture of a couple of presents I got from my lovely husband: a travel journal and a pendant with a map of part of Africa inside.  These both suit me perfectly and I absolutely love them.  It’s nice to know that he put some thought into them and I like to think I taught him well when buying presents 😉

The travel journal, with my initials printed on, will come in very handy for me to make notes in for the blog when travelling.  I always carry my phone on me but it’s difficult to make extensive notes on my phone and there’s also the bonus of being able to stick things in the journal, such as tickets and little mementos that I want to keep.  These can currently be found all over the house where I haven’t had anything to keep them in!

The pendant, from Ellie Ellie, can be personalised to capture a map of any city in the world.  He must have had a hard time choosing which place as I’ve pretty much loved everywhere we’ve been!  But he did very well in picking Johannesburg as it’s where we did volunteer work in a lion park, working closely with these amazing animals, and I never fail to tell people that it is the most incredible thing I have ever done.  It’s also where my biggest idol, Nelson Mandela, had his home so Johannesburg, and Africa, are places very close to my heart.  And now I have this pendant they can be close to my heart every day 🙂

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

  1. Kasha says:

    I love it 🙂 I’ve seen the pendant (it’s beautiful), but that journal is just the loveliest gift!

    I also try to take notes on my phone, but scribbling it down in a notebook is much easier!

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