Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

As soon as I saw the theme of this week’s photo challenge, this photo sprang to mind straight away.  It’s one of my favourite pictures with my family and it always makes me smile whenever I look at it.

My sister, cousins and I wanted to take some photos and get them blown up for our grandparents.  My mum and aunt acted as photographers and all us kids (me being the big kid here) tried out a load of random poses.  We had so much fun mucking about and this one especially was a fun one to do.  My two smallest cousins kept fidgeting and getting in the wrong position, the boys kept laying on us girls’ hair, and trying to get us in age order when lying on the floor was a task in itself.  But I love the end result.

I don’t print many photos up anymore, most just stay on my laptop and online, but this one has pride of place on the shelf at home 🙂

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