Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

My photo for this week’s photo challenge is taken in one of the most photogenic cities I’ve ever been to…Venice.

Everywhere you go there is beautiful architecture, colourful buildings, intricately patterned doorways and windows, and with the winding canals around every corner, it makes the city seem magical.

This photo is taken from the window of my hotel room, looking out onto one of the smaller back canals.  Even here, away from the hustle and bustle of St Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge, somewhere peaceful and calm where only the occasional boat silently floats past, the buildings are still lovely to look at.  I spent ages looking out of this window watching for passersby.  The different coloured buildings, all with their old-fashioned but pretty window shutters open, sometimes gave you a peek into the lives of others but most of the time this little corner of Venice was quiet and I could relax and just take in one of Italy’s most beautiful cities.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

    • Ayla says:

      It’s so colourful and pretty there, it’s just too gorgeous not to take hundreds of photos! I’ve been to Pompeii and Pisa but only when I was little so Venice is the only place I really remember. You should definitely try and get out there, Italy all sounds wonderful.

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