The Taste of India (Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers)

This week’s photo challenge theme – containers – immediately made me think of the huge amounts of food, spices, sweets, flowers and little trinkets that we came across on our travels across India, all stored… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Although on a relaxing beach holiday in Tunisia, me being me, I couldn’t miss the chance of visiting one of the largest amphitheatres in the world, just a short ride from our hotel.… Continue reading

The Versatile Blogger Award

We’re already half way through 2014 and, even though it’s whizzing by so fast it’ll be Christmas again soon, I can’t really complain as I’ve had a fantastic year so far. 2014 started out… Continue reading

Football Fever in Brazil

I am not a football fan. At all. The closest I’ve ever got to being interested in football was watching Alex play on Sunday mornings, but now I much prefer staying in bed… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

I was born in London and have lived here my whole life so am used to the modern world and new technology, and will always be a city girl at heart. But when… Continue reading

The Contiki Storytellers Challenge

I’ve been lucky enough in my life to travel to some amazing destinations and experience the beauty that the world has to offer, from snow-capped mountains and sandy deserts, to tropical rainforests and… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

This is one of my favourite photos from the time I spent volunteering at a lion park in South Africa. Emma the cheetah is the friendliest cat you could ever meet – friendlier… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

On our three week trip in South America, we had planned on visiting three countries – Peru, Argentina and Brazil.  When we arrived at our brief one night stopover on the Argentinian side… Continue reading

Panoramic Peru

I’m not a fan of using my iPhone to take photos and my camera comes pretty much everywhere with me. But we ended up using our phones a lot more than usual on… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

I was expecting a dusty little wooden hut full of biting insects for our stay in the Amazon, but when we arrived we found a lovely bungalow hidden in the depths of the… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

While we were wandering around Lima, we came across Kennedy Park, a pretty green area nestled in the district of Miraflores. This is now my favourite park in the world – not because… Continue reading

My Latest Adventures

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy and I haven’t had much time to sleep let alone keep you all updated on my adventures! Since Belgium, which was only last month but… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

One of the most scenic coastal routes I’ve ever travelled down is Chapman’s Peak Drive, a stunning road that twists and turns its way around the edge of the mountains, along the ocean.  The road… Continue reading

I Heart Belgium (Part II): Brussels

After a lovely couple of days in Bruges we made our way on the train to Brussels; we were sad to leave but excited to explore a new city.  But the capital of… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art

With the likes of Tintin and the Smurfs being created in Belgium, along with plenty of other well known comic book characters, I was expecting to see a lot of art and comics… Continue reading

Liebster Award

Getting recognition for your blog is always a wonderful thing so I was excited to be told that Mrs Ayla’s Adventures has been nominated for a Liebster Award by Mike at Bemused Backpacker.… Continue reading

I Heart Belgium (Part I): Bruges

Having heard so much about the small, quaint and fairytale-like town of Bruges, I was eager to get there and see it for myself.  And it really is all of the above with… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

I love Spring, when the weather gets warmer, the smell of fresh rain and cut grass drifts through the air and colourful flowers are in abundance. Everyone seems that little bit happier and,… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Tanzania is one of the most incredible countries I’ve ever been to; not only is the wildlife and landscape amazing, but we also fell in love with the people when we did some… Continue reading

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